Detect, analyze and prevent the risk of financial sanctions anywhere in the world
Theolex provides quick insights across thousands of regulatory decisions and negotiated settlements.Its tools allow you to efficiently quantify the legal and financial risks thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.
Sanctions hit companies around the globe every day, representing billions ...
Airbus required to pay 4 billion euros in fines for corruption from French,US and UK regulators in 2020. Do you know your risks?
Do not search, find!
Risks for a business are global. How can you monitor trends for each regulator in every country where you are present?
Draw on an exhaustive database of over 2000 negotiated settlements and regulatory orders.
Create instant comparisons to identify elements relevant to your situation.
Use AI to anticipate risks and act before being sanctioned.
Rely on existing negotiated settlements relevant to the situation of the business under regulatory scrutiny.
Strengthen your business
Adopt the best strategy for the business that you defend.Thanks to a qualified database and immediate access to relevant data,Theolex provides the right support for your defense.
Focus on your business
Theolex covers all agreements struck in negotiated settlements.
Theolex saves you time thanks for AI-powered search and analysis.
Theolex brings you new insights to support your decision thanks to reliable, relevant data.
They are talking about us
Large law firms already rely on Theolex, what about you?
We are delighted to work with Theolex to develop access to analytical tools to support our clients,particularly in cross-border investigations
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