What's the price of justice? A year of key enforcement developments with Theolex

Jul 18, 2020

THEOLEX is one year old!

To celebrate its first anniversary, THEOLEX retraces some key landmarks over the course of the last year,  as well as  some of the key enforcement developments around the world :

THEOLEX takes off after 9 months spent as an internal start up within SG and becomes an independent entity.
July 2019
The UK Information Commissioners' Office (UK ICO) proposed fining British Airways 193 million pounds ($227 million) and an hotel group 99 million pounds ($127 million) for breaches of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

THEOLEX was present during 7th edition of "France Best Dev". A unique event with more than 2000 developers , leading speakers and 10 000 visitors.
October 2019
The French Autorité des Marchés financiers (AMF) fines Natixis Asset Management $3 million for failing to comply with its professional obligations.

THEOLEX integrates its new CTO (technical director) and redesigns its application. Jawad, Engineer and Senior data scientist, working with Société Générale. Passionate about AI , he developed a legal research application beeing used by law firms.
December 2019
The French Autorité de contrôle prudential et de resolution (ACPR) has imposed on Tutelaire a sanction which includes a financial penalty of €500 K for failing to comply with the obligation to prevent the risks of money laundering.

THEOLEX MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is presented to SG teams in charge of Financial Crime risks assesments.
Januray 2020
Airbus agrees to pay over $3.9 Billion in Global Penalties to resolve Foreign Bribery and ITAR investigations.

THEOLEX signs its first contract with a financial institution, Société Générale .
March 2020
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) signs Deferred Prosecution Agreement with Sandoz inc. Sandoz agrees to pay $ 195 million criminal penalty, the largest for a domestic antitrust case .

THEOLEX signs its first contract with a global law firm, Mayer Brown
July 2020
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is remaining vigilant in detecting, investigations, and prosecuting wrongdoing related to the COVID 19 crisis seeking profit.

Whether you have a question about features, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer your questions. Just send an email to martine.dolladille@theolex.com.

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