Discover Theolex with Chris, US Counsel

DPA Apr 15, 2019

Chris is US Councel in a law firm. Discover how Theolex can help him produce more productive and creative analyses and reputation of his firm.

In this case deferred prosecution is granted. The law firm starts negotiating the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement (DPA).

Chris needs to make surethat his client is getting the fairest possible deal by producing research results. Before the advocacy period begins, and while it unfolds, law firms hire teams of junior staff who may put in charge of scanning all previous DPS that are relevant to this situation,  all sorts of language, as well as specific data points. These teams have to manually enter all the information they find into tables, which are then used to create comparative reports that senior lawyers produce when they make their case before the judge. With the elects, Chris was able to save time and money on the study and analysis of the DPA s. Cutting down the amount of time per study would enable him to produce more studies and reportedly save their clients in the tens of millions more. Based on Theolex input, Chris and his firm can have more productive and creative analyses. They can rapidly put together several comparative analyses and legal scenarios . This increases their credibility and reputation of his firm, and helps them keep their large accounts and secure new ones.

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