From Intrapreneur ... to Entrepreneur

Sep 07, 2021

" the SG intrapreneurship program "

This intrapreneurship program, launched in 2017 and open to all the Group's employees worldwide, had the ambition to give birth tointrapreneurial projects. The goal? To bring out innovative and even disruptive ideas, accelerate our transformation, and engage employees and managers in meaningful projects.
More than 15,000 employees submitted their ideas, 60 French or international projects were selected and several of them were transformed into startups:

Can you introduce yourself and the startup you created?

I trained as an engineer and worked as a project manager in many of the Group's business departments.
In the legal department, we designed Theolex, a tool that allows us to analyse the legal risks during disputes with regulators in order to reduce financial and criminal sanctions. This tool has been validated by major law firms.

Where do you stand today?**

After 9 months of incubation in 2018 within Societe Generale, Theolex has become an independent startup offering its services to 3 main clients, including the Group. We now have a finalized product that is entering the active marketing phase.

You participated in the Internal Startup Call, what was the most important lesson for you that you still apply today?

The main lesson is the permanent need to put yourself in the shoes of the client you wish to address. It is also necessary to be wary of one's own convictions and to know how to question oneself. Building a beautiful tool if it does not meet an expectation, a need, or a dissatisfaction felt by the target is useless.*****

What advice do you have for the Group's future intrapreneurs and for all those who want to create a startup?****

Becoming an intrapreneur is a unique and fantastic experience that deeply transforms your motivations. It's an exceptional and unexpected encounter, an enriching sharing of experience, a daunting challenge, but also an unexpected success. It is one of the most beautiful ways to accomplish oneself professionally and personally."

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