Cookies can be expensive... but not with Theolex!

Feb 02, 2022

In recent years, the CNIL has imposed heavy fines of several million euros on Internet giants such as Google or Facebook. These companies are thus sanctioned because of their cookie policy which does not correspond to the obligations of the Data Protection Act or those of the RGPD

On December 31, 2021, it was Google and Facebook that were singled out by the CNIL for not providing users with a quick and easy way to refuse cookies. By not allowing users to refuse cookies as easily as to accept them, the two companies are guiding them in their choices.

The CNIL has also fined Amazon and Figaro for the same reason: the two companies were depositing cookies on the computers of Internet users even though they had previously refused them.

In the same sense, Google had once again aroused the wrath of the CNIL in December 2020 because cookies were deposited on the user's computer when he arrived on the search engine while he had not yet chosen to accept or reject the cookies.

There are many violations related to cookies. To avoid your company being in the sights of the French gendarme, Theolex offers you the possibility to study all the decisions related to this subject in order to anticipate, quantify and prevent the risks of fines for your company.

These decisions are analyzed and summarized in key points for quick and accurate review. By studying several rulings on a given topic, you will be able to determine whether your company is at risk of being fined, as well as to predict the amount of the fine

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