Optimizing the work of the "little hands" of large law firms : Theolex and Norma's challenge

Jan 12, 2022

Thousands of court decisions are rendered every day around the world. Finding them, translating them, writing a report, finding the information that will hit the nail on the head... In the past, all these tasks represented several hours of work, often entrusted to trainees. This is where the idea for Theolex came from.

lawyer legaltech data science innovation
Theolex est une solution digitale pour les avocats

An innovation made possible by the use of Data Science

To achieve her ambition, Theolex teamed up with Norma, which brought its expertise in the development of digital tools and data science. The solution was articulated in several stages:

The identification of key data

Collaboration of major law firms like Mayer Brown and Navacelle with Theolex that helped identify which information was relevant to highlight for the end users: lawyers

Data extraction and processing

Once the need was identified, technical solutions had to be put in place to meet it: Norma's experts first set up a continuous retrieval system of court decisions from all over the world, which ensured that Theolex's database was complete and up-to-date

The use of Data Science to make documents machine-readable has made it possible to obtain many non-digitized decisions and make them processable so as to constitute an exhaustive and complete database.

decisions justice worldwide tool
Theolex est une solution internationale, nous collectons des décisions partout dans le monde

Quality control and continuous improvement

But Theolex doesn't stop there: since the sources are heterogeneous and their structuring complex, the algorithms need to be shown their errors and the human corrections that are made.

Norma's data scientists have therefore developed an algorithm that constitutes a real quality control of the collected data and thus a continuous improvement of the algorithm thanks to past corrections

Data restitution

Thanks to this work, the decisions on the Theolex database are sorted and searchable in a precise way, which is a significant time saving. The data identified as key is visually highlighted and verifiable by the user. In addition, comparison and legal trend analysis functionalities allow to go even further in helping end-users.

Data scientist IA predictive justice find decisions
Theolex est un outil reposant sur l'exploitation de l'IA 

Justice and data science: a rewarded association

For the past two years, Theolex's groundbreaking work has been recognized by its peers. In 2020, Mayer Brown with Theolex were finalists in the Innovative Lawyers 2020 North America. Theolex has also been included in the Maddyness 2021 French Legaltechs barometer, carried out in partnership with Wolters Kluwer and La Banque des Territoires, alongside the biggest

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