Financial regulators raise their voices, Theolex perfects its AI

Nov 07, 2022

With the immediacy and internationalization of financial exchanges and communication flows, the risk of being caught in the middle of a cross-border dispute is growing for start-ups. Theolex adapts to this situation and strengthens the power of its artificial intelligence for greater protection.

The emergence of Big Data, cloud computing and the blossoming of the open-source ecosystem. But also the emergence of high-performance graphics processors and new machine learning techniques. According to the American consulting firm Gartner: "The five key factors behind the meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past decade." And, judging by their report, published in April 2022, on future trends in AI, progress is expected to accelerate further. Notably, in terms of performance (Composite AI), variety of services (Democratized AI) and ethics (Responsible AI).

AI that Theolex has been leveraging and innovating since 2019 to make it an ever more powerful organization and operations tool, applied to a unique and ever-changing legal database.

More security for start-ups

Tailored to meet the needs of new businesses (FinTech, innovative companies, online services...), our solution is based on cognitive robo-analysis of stored data. We use statistical natural language (SNL), machine learning and predictive algorithms (AA) to apply them to the strength of our search engine: over 5,000 court decisions, negotiated settlements, agreements and arbitrations from international financial regulators.

Theolex allows our users to rely on :

· Targeted comparative studies of legal risks in relation to financial institutions;

· Automatic updates of court decisions to anticipate new risks and identify trends;

· instant and proactive analysis of company news.

These resources are indispensable for building an effective negotiation strategy in the event of cross-border disputes and are an important lever for strategic decision-making.

Enriching our information sources for better protection

To further refine the performance of our AI, Theolex needed to adapt and refine its technology. Our goal is to increase the number of information sources, simplify our IT maintenance operations and, of course, increase the level of protection for our users.

Until now, the Apache Airflow collaborative tool automatically managed our data, but we felt that the transport and processing of our data needed to become more efficient. Among the areas of improvement identified by Theolex technical teams:

· Empowering information scraping, processing, planning and orchestration operations;

· the scalability of our application.

So we had to find an alternative to Apache Airflow. After several weeks of testing and the creation of different prototypes, we chose the Google Workflows orchestrator. A serverless and scalable tool offering a simplified architecture (visualization and monitoring of complex service integrations), more reliability and requiring no maintenance.

Google Workflows also integrates perfectly with our use of Google Cloud Platform, for the cloud, and Cloud Functions and Cloud Run in our data processing.

All this research and innovation has made Theolex one of the most complete and efficient analytical search engines in French and international legal technology.

Thanks to Abdelhalim HRICHE

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